How to use the Online Round Robin

The Compugene Software Online Round Robin allows your organization to conduct its Round Robin in a much more efficient manner than the old tedious way of sending out mailings of forms (expensive!) and then receiving the forms back from members (hit and miss!) and then having to enter the data manually from the forms and deciding which check goes next to which checkbox!
The new online way lets you, as a member, make your choices right on the screen window and save them when you are satisfied with your choices. You can sign in anytime and add to or modify your choices, should you so desire, until the closing date of the Round Robin. At that time, your administrator will use the system to compute all reciprocations and produce scrolls with the names of the members that have selected you to be their recipients of the Round Robin.

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  The Sign-In Window (click: 

Example of the Online RR Sign-In Window:

RR Sign-In Screen

To enter the system and begin selecting your choices, you must sign in to the Online RR System via the Sign-In Window.

Enter the user id and password that were assigned to you when the Online Round Robin system was created for your organization. This user id and password combination was e-mailed or otherwise communicated to you. If for some reason you don' t know your user id/password, please contact the administrator of your Online Round Robin, who will be able to inform you of your assigned user id and password.

Other options on the Sign-In window:

Forgot your password? -  Click this item if you forgot your password; when you enter your user id on the window that appears, your password will be e-mailed to you at the registered e-mail address that was entered into the system when the Online RR was created.
Having trouble signing in? -   Displays this Help information
Reset - If, after you have signed in, you display a web page that is not part of the Online RR system and forget to sign-out of the Online RR system, your session might still be active for a period of time; to ensure that your session is cancelled totally and that you can sign in again, click this option.
Home Page - Click here to transfer to the main web site of Compugene Software, the creater of the the Online RR System.

Important information regarding sign-in sessions:

1- A user id can only be signed-in to one session at a time. If you try to sign-in using the same user id (on the same pc or another pc) at the same time, the second sign-in will be denied and you will get a message indicating that you are already signed in.

2- Based on your organization's choices selected for security reasons, your session could timeout after a selected number of minutes of either 1) inactivity or 2) total elapsed time since sign-in. Alternatively, your organization may have chosen the option not to timeout sessions at all. In any case, should your session time out (you will get a message to that effect) and you need more time to make your choices, simply sign in again.

3- If your session hangs and the system does not let you sign in again, please click the "Cancel An Existing Session" option from the main Sign-In window; this action will clear any leftover system status settings (it will not modify your Round Robin choices in any way) from the previous sign-in and allow you to sign in again.

  The Welcome Window  

Once you have successfully signed in, you will see the Welcome Window:

welcome window

The box (if any is displayed) on the Welcome window is the message box and displays information that your Online RR administrator wishes to convey to your organization's members. The buttons below the message box allow you to do the following:

View/Select Choices - takes you to the Selection Window where you make your RR selections (see below)
Change Password - this button takes you to the window where you can change your password (this option might not appear on your window if your organization does not allow users to change their own passwords; in that case, if you want to have your password changed, you need to contact your RR administrator who will be able to change your password for you.)
Sign Out - this button will end your session and sign you out of the RR system.

  The Selection Window  

The Selection Window will appear as:

choose window 

On the Selection Window, you select the names of the members you choose to give to in the Round Robin. Move the mouse cursor over a check box next to the name you wish to select and left-click the check box; a check mark should now appear in that box. If you want to un-select a checked box, move the mouse cursor over the check box that has a check mark in it and left-click the check box; the check mark should now disappear.

You can select to give to All members by checking the "All names" box. Note that choosing "All names" will override any individual selections that you might have checked.

You can also (if your organization has enabled this option) decide if you want reciprocation; reciprocation means that if another member selects you to give to and you didn't select to give to them, the system will automatically update your selection list to add that member to your list. This operation is performed by your administrator after your Round Robin has completed (and all selections have been submitted by all members) and will not be reflected on the Online RR display.

The buttons on this window allow you to:

Save your choices -
save all choices made up to this point as shown by the check boxes with check marks in them
Save your choices and sign out - save all selections as shown by the check boxes and sign out of the Online RR System
Sign Out - sign out of the Online RR System without first saving any selections made since you last clicked the Save your choices button
Uncheck just-checked items -
un-check any boxes that you just checked in this session (not boxes checked in previous sessions - to uncheck those, move the mouse to the checked box and click the left mouse button to uncheck an already-checked box.)