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Compugene Software Online Round Robin Pricing Information

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Compugene Software Online Round Robin Pricing

The NEW Compugene Software Online Round Robin works on any PC or Mac running any operating system that has a web browser and is connected to the internet.

The Online Round Robin allows your organization to conduct its Round Robin in a much more efficient manner than the old tedious way of sending out mailings of forms (expensive!) and then receiving the forms back from members (hit and miss!) and then having to enter the data manually from the forms and deciding which check goes next to which checkbox!

The online Round Robin lets your members browse the Online RR website using any PC or Mac with a browser and internet access and make their choices right on the browser window and save them when they are satisfied with their choices. A member can login anytime and add to or modify their choices, should they so desire, until the final date of the Round Robin.
After the closing date of your Round Robin, the RR administrator runs the Reciprocation calculator to compute reciprocals and can then run the functions that produce the printed scrolls, statements, and mailing labels, if required. For those few members without Internet access, the RR administrator can easily enter their choices for them from either a printed form they complete or via a phone call.

Unlike other Round Robin services, which charge you a percentage of the amount that is collected during your Round Robin campaign, the Compugene Online Round Robin charges you a fixed amount that you know upfront, before you begin, and there are no additional charges, regardless of the amount you raise during your Round Robin campaign!

The total cost for using the Online Round Robin for each season (December thru April) is based on the number of members in your organization as follows:

All amounts are in United States currency.
(Prices are in effect as of January 1, 2016 and are subject to change without notice.)


Standard setup charge for all organizations:$249.00




Number of members†††††††††††††††††††† Cost per member

1 to 100 members

0.69 per member

101 to 600 members

0.59 per member

Over 600 members

0.29 per member


Example:if your organization has 235 members, your cost per member as per the table above would be 0.69 per member for the first 100 members ($69), 0.59 per member for the next 135 members ($79.65) and your total charge would therefore be $148.65 plus the setup charge of $249.00 = $397.65 total charge.


This cost includes:

  • Use of storage for your database on the web site
  • Uploading your member data to the web site
  • Sending e-mails to your members providing them with their ids and passwords so they can login to the Online Round Robin
  • Unlimited logins by your members
  • Production of scrolls and statements when the Round Robin has completed
  • Free technical support from the date your payment is received until 2 weeks after Purim.

You will be able to designate one or more administrators who will be able to modify various aspects of the Round Robin to tailor it to your organization's requirements.

You can use this handy calculator to compute your online round robin cost;
enter the number of members in your organization and click the Compute button:
Please click here to view the Online Round Robin Userís Guide and here to view the Online Round Robin Administratorís Guide for more details.